Music Lessons

30 Min.
General theory and practice.

Thirty minute music sessions weekly are a wonderful way to cover the basic principles of music performance and theory. This time allotment is suitable for students who are beginning their lessons or are in a less formalized music programs. Students who are working in the Royal Conservatory level 5 and up will benefit from a slightly longer session weekly.

45 Min.
Recommended for students enrolled in RCM level 5 and up.

It is recommended that students who are working towards examinations within the Royal Conservatory have a minimum 45 minute lesson weekly. This will ensure that all of the appropriate theory fundamentals are covered as well as performance and musicianship.  

60 Min.
Recommended for students in advanced levels

​60 minute music lessons are extremely detailed in regards to theory. This time allotment allows for students to explore their pieces and examine the musical idiosyncrasies of each song. Half of the lesson will be dedicated to the introduction of scales and technical rudiments as well as theory and sight reading.