Music lessons are suitable for ages 5 and up. Whether you're an adult who is interested in playing your favorite songs, or a young student looking to begin playing piano for the first time. We can help!

​We help every student experience the joy and passion that comes with expressing themselves through music.

When we set out to start a studio, we didn't want to be just another place to take music lessons, we wanted to create a place that is truly unique- a place that offers a wide range of artistic pursuits. People can come to learn, create and have fun!


   Everybody can learn Music

   Everybody can be creative

At Beltline Music we believe each student is unique and each lesson is just as diversified. Through gentle and compassionate guidance each student is able to achieve their own set of personalized goals.

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​​Important News!

Beltline Music is moving to its new home
April 2018
We are now located at 812 Edmonton Trail NE.

Please contact for further details!